Classic Dungeon Crawler LowPoly – Published By Leycarno

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Asset Title: Classic Dungeon Crawler LowPoly

Publisher: Leycarno

Category: 3d, environments, dungeons

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7 Low Poly wall-sets for grid-based first person dungeon crawler, inspired by classic games of the 80s/90s.

Themes of the wall-sets:

1. Classic Dungeon Master

2. Sewers (EOB)

3. Dungeons (EOB)

4. Castle (LOL)

5. Manor (LOL)

6. Mine (LOL)

7. Handpainted Dungeon Master Theme

15 meshes for every one of the 7 wall-sets:

– 1 floor

– 1 ceiling

– 6-8 wall variations

– 1 pillar for seamless edges

– 1 doorway

– 1-3 door variations

– 1 stair(way) up

– 1 stair(way) down

The models have about 200 – 7000 tris – less for pillars, more for complex stairways.

There is only ONE material and ONE small texture (16×16 pixel) with one line for every wall-set. You are free to change the colors as you like.

(The 7. handpainted theme contains additional textures.)

Including scripts for:

– build the dungeons

– moving on grids (waypoints)

– rotating

– open/close doors

– use stairs (teleport logic).