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Layout, GUI, UGUI, round, ux, Procedural, shape, UI

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💡 Many Demo Scenes ― Lean GUI Shapes includes a wide range of tutorial demo scenes, which take you step-by-step through each feature in different scenarios. These scenes contain detailed description text, which explain what is being shown, which components were used, and which settings were used.

💡 Easy To Use ― Lean GUI Shapes was designed to be as flexible as possible, while still being easy to use. To achieve this, each component is fully modular, follows Unity’s inspector design style, has intuitively named settings, and includes detailed tooltip text. If you’re a programmer then full C# source code is also included, allowing you to create and modify anything you like!

💡 Long Term Support ― Lean assets have received regular updates for over 6 years. Thank you to everyone who was downloaded, rated, reviewed, and provided feedback so far!

💡 LeanPoint ― Allows you to make UI elements that follow a specific point in your scene (e.g. location marker, damage indicator).

💡 LeanLine ― Allows you to make UI elements that connect two specific points in your scene (points can be 2D, 3D, or UI).

💡 LeanBox ― Allows you to make a box shape with customizable corner rounding, edge blur, edge thickness, and much more!

💡 LeanPolygon ― Allows you to make custom shapes based on a list of points that can be easily modified using the custom editor that comes built-in.

💡 LeanCircle ― Allows you to make custom circles with a customizable radius, thickness, edge blur, and much more!

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