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○ Overview

Highly optimized and customizable skybox shaders fit for low poly style games, built with Amplify Shader Editor for Console, Mobile, and VR, with perspective and orthographic camera support. Customize your skies with 3 color gradient background, sky pattern overlays, animated clouds, sun-lit clouds, sun and moon, twinkling stars, Unity’s built-in fog, and high-quality textures even at 4K gaming.

○ Compatibility

Polyverse Skies supports the following Render Pipelines:

Standard Render Pipeline 2019.4+

Universal Render Pipeline 7 – 12+

Polyverse Skies has integration with the following 3rd party tools:

Amplify Shader Editor – Full shader editing support

○ Features

Generate a prebaked cubemap from the scene skybox | NEW

Generate a cubemap with custom made clouds meshes | NEW

Amplify Shader Editor graph included

Basic Time Of Day via Day-Night material interpolation

Highly customizable skybox shaders

Console, Mobile, and VR optimized shaders

Feature toggles for easier usage and performance

Perspective and Orthographic camera support

Unity’s Built-in Fog support

Zero global shader keywords used(2019.1+)

Ready-made presets included

Sky, Horizon, and Ground colors support

Horizon height and smoothness adjustment

3 Pattern overlay cubemaps at 2K resolution

5 Stars cubemaps at 2K resolution

3 Layers of stars

Stars size, intensity, and twinkling adjustment

Stars horizon and sun mask

6 Sun and Moon textures at 2K resolution

Sun position controlled by directional or user gameobject

Size, color, and intensity adjustment

Moon meshes included

10 Low poly clouds cubemaps at 4K resolution

Clouds lit by directional light

Rotation and animation support

Height, light, and shadow colors adjustment

Clouds meshes included

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